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  • weekend mass for the upcoming weeks

    In accordance with the diocesan guidelines on proper sanitation/church cleaning and to be prepared at each of our three churches, we will celebrate ONLY 2 weekend Masses in each church building. Please note that some groupings/parishes have decided to stay closed longer, because they are not prepared to open under the current guidelines.

    Our weekend Mass schedule is as follows:

    Saturday Masses

    St. Catherine's                      4:00 PM
    St. Margaret Mary                4:00 PM
    St. Joseph                              5:30 PM

    Sunday Masses

    St. Margaret Mary                 9:30 AM
    St. Joseph                               10:00 AM
    St. Catherine's                       10:30 AM

    This document will explain what to expect if you choose to attend a weekend Mass at one of our churches as part of the "What To Expect As We Gather For Mass" sheet

  • Your generosity

    Thank you for continuing to make your weekly donations to the churches of our grouping:   St Catherine of Siena, St Joseph, and St Margaret Mary.  Although our doors are locked due to the pandemic, we are still paying staff, bills and maintenance upkeep at our parishes.  Whatever financial support you can offer at this time will be appreciated. You can make your donation this way:
          By mail to:
                       St Catherine of Siena Church, 199 McGovern Blvd, Crescent, PA  15046
                       St Joseph Church, 1304 Fourth Ave, Coraopolis, PA  15108
                       St Margaret Mary Church, One Parish Place, Moon Township, PA  15108

    Please make checks payable to the respective parish in which you are registered.  St. Joseph parishioners are invited to click the link on our website to give online.  Thank you for your generosity.  We look forward to the day when we are able to celebrate Mass together again.

  • live streaming for grouping 327

    As we adapt to this temporary new “normal” our faith community will be providing a way for us to gather virtually for Sunday mass.  The recording will be available anytime via the St. Margaret Mary Facebook page or the grouping 327 YouTube channel, links found below.  Directions are included below for each of the two platforms. You do not need accounts to watch the videos live or recorded. Please note that we are not permitted to open the doors for mass to the public.

    Watch Mass live each week on Saturdays at 4:00 PM. This week is Divine Mercy Sunday and Mass will be streamed from St. Margaret Mary.

    We will also stream the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00 PM on Sunday, April 19th. 

    Facebook Click Here

    • Press the control(ctrl) button and then click the link above
    • If not a Facebook member ignore the login requirements or if a member make sure you are logged into Facebook
    •  The live video should appear as the first item in the news feed if watching at 4:00 PM on Saturday
    • If watching on your own the video will be available in the news feed or by clicking on the video tab on the left side of the screen
    • To watch the playback please click the mass video
    YouTube Click Here
    • Press the control(ctrl) button and then click the link above
    • To watch live you will see the image for the live mass (click that image)

    To watch the playback please click the videos tab and then click the mass video

  • virtual adoration

    Join Deacon Mike and Bob for virutal Praise and Adoration,  Wednesday's at 6:00PM on Facebook. Come spend some time before the Blessed Sacrament.
    Virtual Adoration


    CLICK HERE to make a donation
    CLICK HERE to print form for the collection basket 


    Due to the circumstances and difficulties we are facing with the covid 19 spread, we feel it’s best at this time to cancel Vacation Bible School  June 8-11, 2020 for Grouping 327. Although this decision leaves us with a heavy heart, it is an important action needed to keep our families safe in our parish community.
  • interested in serving in a ministry?

    St. Catherine of Siena and St. Joseph parishes welcome any interest in volunteering for a ministry.  Training will be provided.  It's a great way to start getting involved with your church.

  • Return to Parish Life a Gradual Process. Your patience is appreciated.

    • For the weekend Mass, what to expect?
      *must go into church by the designated entrance.
    • Important Diocesan Guidelines?
      *must wear a mask and respect social distancing.
    • Guidelines for church capacity?
      *25% of church capacity while respecting social distancing.
      *Our Grouping will only have one Saturday Mass and one Sunday Mass at each Parish (St. Catherine, St. Joseph, St. Margaret Mary). Why? Temporarily dropping one Sunday Mass at each location due to Diocesan guidelines for sanitizing the churches after each Mass.
    • If the Church reaches capacity, what happens?
      *Parishioners will be asked to go to the church hall for additional seating and the availability of seeing the Mass live stream. If the hall fills to capacity, we will have no more available seating and must not go beyond Diocesan guidelines. If there are additional people outside, they cannot be admitted due to Diocesan guidelines.
    • For a summary of pertinent information, please click the link below for “What to Expect   As We Gather for Mass” sheet. 
    • With the pandemic and these challenging times, your understanding   is appreciated. Thank you.

    What To Expect As We Gather for Mass

    St Margaret Mary Hours:

    M-T           8AM-7PM
    WED         8AM-4:30PM
    SAT              8:30AM-12PM
    SUN          8:30AM-12:30PM

    St Joseph Hours:

    M-F            8AM-4PM
    SAT-SUN   8AM-12PM 

    St Catherine of Siena Hours:

    T-TH             10AM-2PM

    Please practice social distancing inside the church.  All churches will be cleaned daily.

  • Confession is back!

    Bishop Zubik has given permission for confessions to be heard on Saturday's. 

    St. Margaret Mary:           11:00 am to 12 noon 
    St. Catherine of Siena      3:15 pm to 3:45 pm
    St. Joseph                           5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

  • A letter from Fr. Frank


    St. Joseph,  St. Catherine of Siena , St. Margaret Mary Churches

    April 2020

    Dear Parishioners,


    During these challenging times, thank you for your prayers and kind support of our many ministries in the grouping.


    These are only some of the ministries:


    • Rotating between our three churches live stream Masses (Grouping 327pgh on YouTube or St. Margaret Mary's Facebook page)
    • Distributing care packages to those in need. (If you know someone who needs a care package, please call St. Margaret Mary Church at 412.264.2573, St. Joseph Church at 412.264.6162 or St. Catherine of Siena Church at 724.457.7026.)
    • Video witness talks.
    • Phone calls to shut-ins.
    • Letter writing ministry to our teenagers.
    • Online teen scavenger hunts.
    • Eucharistic Adoration every Wednesday at 6:00 pm.
    • Robert Morris University outreach to students e.g. online video conferences and Stations of the Cross.
    • Outdoor signs put up with messages of hope.
    • CCD instruction continues, especially for those receiving sacraments

    (Communion, Confirmation)


    These are only some of the ministries going on but hopefully this update will be helpful to you. You remain in our prayers.


                May God bless us all during this difficult time and keep us safe.


                                                    Father Frank